Do I Now Qualify as a Budding Real Estate Mogul?

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Well, the deed has been done! Yesterday, I signed two contracts. One is for the actual transfer of the property over the next three years, which will get notarized, and the other sets out the terms of what is essentially a rent-to-own agreement. It was a lot of signatures! They provided an English copy that frankly was not that useful to me. Like with the rental contract, I had no trouble with the Spanish version and was once again grateful for all the leaps and bounds my Spanish proficiency has made in these nearly 7 years off and on in Mexico (and Spain!).

I have also paid the first property tax bill. So I am now the proud owner and property tax payer of properties in two countries! I own 5,000 square feet each of Canada and Mexico. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that! Or that this lot is as big as the one in Canada — funny how that lot size seems so small there but is sizeable here!

I’m feeling so grateful on this beautiful, quiet morning.

Now, to come up with a name for this property… I’m thinking Casa de los cedros (the house of cedars), but I’m not sure if the cedars will be staying or not in the long-term. Mexican visitors tell me they look very exotic, but I’ve had enough home offices overlooking cedars to last a lifetime. So I think I’d like to switch them out (as they naturally die out!) with something more tropical. 🙂