New Kitchen Faucet

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My handyman surprised me today, like showed up unannounced because he happened to be nearby. I have a huge list for him but he’s in high demand, so we’re taking it one small project at a time. Today was my new kitchen faucet!!!

(Last week, I was able on my own to add two pump dispensers, one for detergent and one for white vinegar, to use in my rinse water. Oh, the luxury!)

He also left with my water pump that fills my rooftop tinaco. It is in bad shape and needs new ball bearings and other maintenance, but is still salvageable. He promises to have it back in tomorrow. So I should be fine for water until then as long as I don’t shower or do laundry. When he comes back tomorrow, he will be doing some work on the kitchen sink drain as it is clogged. That will be the end of plumbing-related upgrades in the kitchen for now.

We also talked about future electrical projects and prep I need to do ahead of them. One of the projects is to move an outlet below the sink for the microwave. He thinks that is a good idea and will be a cleaner job than I expected as he will be routing the cables outside rather than through the counter itself. So now, I get the fun task of designing my undersink shelving and sending that project off to a carpenter!

Last night, the previous owners’ son came by with his fiancée to say goodbye to his childhood home. It was a very emotional visit. I wish we had had more time for him to share more stories, but I did get some answers! And I got his blessing as well. He’s as happy as his parents are that I’m the new custodian of this very special house. That handoff made things more real for me than the contract signing next week will.

My head is still spinning with how fast this happened. But when things are meant to be, this is how it is!