Modest Designs

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I’ve given up on having any time off in the nearish future to do in-person shopping and figure I really shouldn’t be in-person shopping anyway, so today I went on quite the online shopping spree to get what I was missing for the kitchen to be able to schedule my handyman:

– a new faucet (with a hose!)
– under sink soap dispensers (will use one for white vinegar)
– a new range hood
– two new ceiling fans

It’s taking every ounce of restraint I have not to replace the sink, but this is supposed to be a small freshening up of the kitchen, so I’m going to live with it, but I will have the seal around it replaced.

While my handyman is here, I will also have him do maintenance on the noisy exterior pump that transfers water from the ground tinaco (tank) to the one on the roof and also get his advice about installing an outlet for the microwave in the area under the built-in counters.

Speaking of the area under the built-in counters, I completed a satisfying project last night, one done over the course of a week or so, in 15- to 20-minute breaks. I complete removed the rotten, stinky, and bug infested wood, then scrubbed the area out completely.

I will be painting the area a bright colour (but of course) and having custom shelving built. I’m just waiting for my electrician’s opinion on the microwave project before I start designing the shelving unit and put in an order to a carpenter. Once all of that is done, the only other thing the kitchen might need is a better island, but that doesn’t feel super pressing.

Next project will be the master bathroom — improving water pressure and hot water access. Once that is done, it will be time to start working on the office makeover. For that one, I’m doing my “forever” makeover, floors, new electrical, custom blinds and furniture, the works. I feel very grateful that for once in my life, I have income to match my ambition and vision. 🙂