Yukon Bounty

Check out tonight’s dinner’s main event! It’s all Yukon-grown!

First, let me point out that beautiful tomato, which is my first of the season! I gobbled it up after taking the picture and it was succulent!

As for the big green thing, I got to the cash at the grocery store yesterday when a friend working the register told me to go check out all the local produce. Fresh produce up here tends to suck because it has shipped so far and it’s not always easy to distinguish between what’s local and what isn’t. She sold me on that green thing by telling me “It’s so delicious!” and I completely forgot to ask her what it is!

So, I Googled ‘mutant hybrid child of broccoli and cauliflower‘ that gave me a link with a description of something called ‘romanesco’ that fit the description of the veggie I had on hand. I Googled romanesco, and that’s exactly what I have. It’s considered a broccoli, but tastes a lot more like a cauliflower. I can’t believe I’ve never had, much less seen, it before! I grew up in a  household with a very progressive view of vegetables and in which we had all kinds of wonderful things none of my peers had ever seen.

Dinner ended up being chicken cooked in pesto over egg noodles boiled in the water I used for steaming, and the veggies which were the impossibly sweet carrots and the romanesco. With unadorned tomato and cucumber as an appetizer.

Simple, rather rustic, and oh-so-delicious.