Warm Breezes

An infernal work stretch is not slowing down. I’ve had one crappy file after another and have been spending long days on files that would normally take me a morning. Thankfully, they are all for the one client who pays extra for these sorts of messes and so I’m still earning a day’s wage with them. I am disappointed I didn’t get to have one final Saturday morning in Almería, but it is what it is. I’ll hopefully be able to get out on Monday. I know I’m going to get time off in Málaga and Amsterdam, so I might as well keep working since, really, there isn’t that much to do here in the off season but just enjoy the privilege of living here.

Not wanting to have too much left over in the pantry at the end of the week, I’ve been doing small shops every couple of days. So I went out today to the shop up the road to get stir fry stuff to go with the pork I have left. There was a new (to me) person working the back counter and he looked at me warily until I greeted him and asked for my first item (a giant red pepper that was just about 0.80CAD!). Then, the transaction flowed smoothly and he made sure I got what I wanted out of different options (like French baguette versus a rustic loaf when I asked for “pan.” I went with the rustic — good choice!).

This little shop is wonderful and I’m so happy to have it close by. Getting doggy cuddles whenever I shop there has been a bonus!

I was finally able to quit for the day at about half four and headed out to the malecón. It was such a glorious afternoon, with full sun and a warm salty breeze coming off the Mediterranean. No matter how much I was once a winter person, I now firmly belong to the sun. I savoured my walk. We really haven’t had that many lovely days.

Now, I’m treating myself to a cold beer. 🙂 It really hasn’t been beer drinking weather so this has only been my fourth one at home since I got here!

6 thoughts on “Warm Breezes

  1. I have never been a winter person and sometimes I wonder why I have stayed where I live for most of my life. LOL Even as a youngster, I knew I belonged to the sun.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like “your” time has flown since you left Canada. It doesn’t seem all that long ago to me that you were on your way to London. 🙂

  2. I used to get SAD, so I forced myself to get active in winter — outdoor jobs, camping, snowshoeing. But the fact is that I am way healthier in the heat and sun. I just seem to thrive.

    Time HAS flown! And before I know it, we’ll come full circle as I head back to London — and Gatwick — and make my way back west!

  3. Years ago when I lived in the country, I forced myself to go out in the winter to feed our few horses and several head of cattle, which was agony at times. But in the summer I loved it and totally thrived, even when throwing 75# bales of hay onto a flatbed trailer.

    I “get” you totally! 🙂

    • Dry sunny winter? I have no problem going out at all. I was happier and more productive during the ’13-’14 winter I spent in SK than I was during my warmer, but damp and gloomy, Wet Coast winters.

  4. I too suffer from SAD. The long, dark months of winter in the lower mainland really get me down. Whenever there is a sunny day I try to get the most out of it. Enjoy your remaining days in the Med. Holland and England can be quite gloomy. So look for indoor fun things to do.

    • The endless winters of the Wet Coast really did me in, but I’ll be fine for a few months since I’ll have the challenge of living in a new country!

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