The Last Ride

Today was my last ride on the beach. 🙁 It was just Sue and me. We cantered a tiny bit, but were content to mostly just amble and talk. She leaves on Friday and we have one more activity planned before then.

I came in ravenous and with no pressing workload, so I pulled on a pretty dress and headed to town for lunch on the MalecĂłn. For the first time ever, I decided to take a pulmonĂ­a there. I almost burst out laughing when the driver quoted me $70, telling him he was crazy and that I could get to Mega for less than that. Suitably chastened, he dropped the price to $50, which still felt steep, but was acceptable. We had a nice conversation on the way there and when we pulled up to the restaurant, I had to gently refuse his marriage proposal. I think that was my fourth one this winter… 😉

El Fish Market impressed me so much the first time I went that there was nowhere else to consider today since I wanted something special. I opted for the “brochetas mixtas” (mixed brochettes) with sweet peppers, onion, shrimp, chunks of salmon and mahi-mahi, and “callos,” which turned out to be scallops! I declined the potatoes and asked for some tortillas instead. Not a problem and… the chef subbed a lovely salad of romaine, tomato, onion, cucumber, and lots of avocado! Wow! I hadn’t seen a salad on the menu that seemed “subbable” for potatoes, so I’m glad it’s an option. There was some of their really good coleslaw and, surprise, they make their tortillas in-house on a comal. I am certain of this because they are just like the ones I make at home, drier and charred around the edges, and puffy in the middle almost like a pita. The fish and seafood were fantastic and very generously portioned. Two people could have had a decent lunch of this if they had the potatoes instead of salad. I added a cold Pacifico and a generous tip to come out having spent $220 (17CAD). Might as well enjoy the good life while it’s affordable!


I then meandered my way back to the embaracadero, popping in at Ley for a few sundries.

I’ve got less than a month left…

5 thoughts on “The Last Ride

    • Being a single female Canadian who, by Mexican standards, is well off. These guys would be so disappointed to know that by Canadian standards, I’m a pauper and also that I want to live here rather than bring a Mexican hubby back to Canada.

  1. “Less than a month left.” I remember that. It means being careful what you buy now so you don’t have to leave much behind when you go. Although I’m pretty sure your landlady would make use of whatever you leave.

    • My fridge is not working well and so I’ve been buying only what I can eat in the next few days. So my stores are really low this year. Last year, I left some canned goods, rice, and beans, which I knew she could use up, but I don’t think I’ll have much this year.

  2. Wow… this year’s gone by fast.
    Popular lady 😀 They love us down there.
    Enjoy your time left.

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