That’s quite the pruning job on that tree! 🌴 #palmtree #merida #meridayucatan


5 thoughts on “That’s quite the pruning job on that tree! 🌴 #palmtree #merida #meridayucatan

  1. That palm tree is known as a fan palm. It grows that way and has not been shaped that way. They are all over San Juan PR.

    • This does not look like any fan palm I’ve ever seen. It is way too neat. It really looks like one of the local palms and that it has been trimmed to be flat against the wall like that. Next time I am by there, I will have to knock on the door and ask the owners!

    • So this is actually a travellers’ palm and my assessment that it is an amazing trim job still holds because this is what one looks like in the wild: travellers palm

    • Well I think that fan palm is descriptive, even if not the internationally recognized name. If that’s what they are called in PR, that’s what they’re called! I just didn’t have any luck on Google finding anything called a fan palm that looked like this , then long-time Mexican visitors told me to check out a travellers palm, and bingo.

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