Spur of the Moment Decisions

It hit me this morning that I was running low enough on coffee that I really needed to count how many scoops I had left. I debated asking Caroline to pick some up in town for me since I wouldn’t be able to go this because I’m going back to Montana on Friday.

At 1:57 this afternoon, something else hit me: I finish at 2:00. That’s plenty of time to get to town, have a late lunch, and run a bunch of errands before everything closes at 5:00 Four minutes later, I was on my way! It’s really nice to have enough room in the budget to not care that the trip is going to cost me almost $13 in fuel!

After lunch, I had the 20lber of propane filled so I have a backup. I’m heating a lot already because it is getting cold at night. I’m up around 5:00 three days a week and so far, it’s been about 50F in the rig at that hour. I don’t let it get that cold in the winter time! I am going to concede defeat and pull out an electric heater very soon.

Then, I decided to see if the Village Food Store still had ice cream. They order so much for the summer and when they’re out, they’re out. Last year, they were out early. This year, probably because the weather hasn’t been great, they still had tons. I had a ‘small’ of Rolo (chocolate caramel) and would hate to see what a ‘large’ looks like!

Groceries were next and I managed to spend over $90. *boggled* I actually added up my receipt twice because I was convinced that the total was a mistake considering what I got. The Indian-style sauces I’ve been enjoying were on for clearance-level prices, so I grabbed both a tikka masala and a mango chicken to go with a giant ‘club pack’ of chicken breasts, all of which should do me till I leave next month (44 days to go!). If I need more meat, it’ll be pork as that is way cheaper.

I got hit with a wave of exhaustion as I was putting the bags into the truck and was puzzled until I remembered that, hey, I was up around 5:00 this morning. Of course 3:45 is going to feel like early evening for me! I really don’t mind the early mornings (love finishing so early!) and don’t lose any sleep because of them (smart enough to go to bed early), but I definitely have no steam left by late afternoon.

One more day of work left for me this week and then it looks like I’ll probably have another long weekend. I am really enjoying those. 😀 I’ll leave later for Plentywood on Friday than I did last time and have a poke around. There’s a museum just east of the city that opens at 1:00 that sounds like a lot of fun!

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  1. Good for you for realizing shifting your daytime works for both ends of it. We had those kinds of hours when we were first married and neighbors teased us about being newlyweds going to bed so early. But they were all coming home from work and napping for several hours in order to stay up until bedtime. How did that make sense?

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