So this was Bonita last night for several hours, snoring and not caring about loud noises! 😍🤫😴


4 thoughts on “So this was Bonita last night for several hours, snoring and not caring about loud noises! 😍🤫😴

  1. She is definitely gaining confidence very quickly and knows that you are her “mom” and your home is hers too!! I am sooo loving this story of Bonita’s rescue!!

    Sorry if I missed it, but do you know any of the particulars about her life before you?

    We need a video of her snoring! LOL

    • Bonita was found abandoned at a bus station when she was about a year old and taken to the Evolución dog refuge south of Mérida, where she has lived for the last ten years or so.

      The refuge has hundreds of dogs, so she never had any real one-on-one attention, but she was well cared for by the huge army of staff and volunteers there. She was spayed, got her vaccinations, and had medical issues treated. One thing that I feel exemplifies how well she was treated at the refuge is that it’s clear that she has never known food insecurity. I’m keeping her usual meal times (about 10AM and 6PM) as they work for me and she only ever asks for food around those times. She also rarely finishes her meals right away — she has a portion and then just nibbles the rest throughout the day.

      All the dogs at the refuge have names and the staff know them all very well and have been requesting updates about Bonita’s progress.

      What has made Bonita hard to adopt is her anxiety — it’s so bad that she literally chewed through her tail and it had to be amputated. 🙁 It was very clear that she needed to be adopted by a single person who would be at home with her almost all day and who would have a large exterior space for her since she’s not used to being indoors. As she got older, she became less appealing and so, she was slowly shifting to the list of “unadoptables” who are “institutionalized” who will spend their whole lives at the refuge.

      So while her history is sad, it’s not tragic and I think that people are overestimating how much she was “rescued.” Really, there were dogs I could have brought home who needed rescuing much more than her. But I think we’re a good match. 🙂

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