Ready to Roll

I went to Kal Tire in Assiniboia today to have two new tires installed on the truck, the third to last thing I need to do to make the truck ready to go. The second to last is having the tires retorqued and the last is to top off the oil.

I had been quoted $122 per tire installed, which was about $270 with the tax. So I was surprised that the bill was over $340! I explained what I was quoted and the cashier promptly took off the extra service charges, no questions asked.

I continue to absolutely love Kal Tire and am so grateful we have one here in Assiniboia. Caroline and Charles also have nothing but good things to say about the franchise either, and have been to nearly as many different Kal Tires between Manitoba and BC as I have, and I also have experience with the one in Whitehorse!

I am going to Moose Jaw tomorrow to open up a Scotiabank account, so that’ll give the truck enough miles to have the wheels retorqued there. I’ll do a post about the new bank account once it’s opened. It is going to be my first concrete step towards my new Mexican life…

As for the truck oil, I bought loads since I can’t get the correct weight in Mexico and will check and top off the level myself before leaving. The air filter is fine and I’ll pick one up on the way to have replaced in Mexico before I leave in the spring.

It’s been rather a long day. I had an appointment at the bank at 11:00, but couldn’t get the tires done until 1:00. It’s hard to kill time in Assiniboia, but I did it. After the bank, I checked out the Salvation Army and was very disappointed that they have jacked up their prices sky high. I won’t be shopping there anymore. 🙁

I then walked to 121 Steakhouse and had a very long and leisurely lunch, lingering over what was probably a gallon of coffee. Coming out of the restaurant, I got a call from Caroline who was having a cabbage related emergency. I promised to pick one up for her.

Then, since it was a gorgeous day (it’s been a blessing of an October), I ambled to the Village Food Store to see if they still had ice cream. Yes, and my favourite flavour (brownie)! I enjoyed it as I walked most of the way across town to the grocery store, where I bought the biggest cabbage I could find, then lugged it back to my truck. It was heavy!

It was only about 12:20 by this point and I had another 40 minutes to kill, so I walked to the Home Hardware to pick up another can of butane for my new flambé torch, just to make sure I don’t run out over the winter. I really missed my broiler last winter for roasting veggies, searing meat and browning cheese, and thought that a flambé torch could be a suitable alternative. I’ve been experimenting with it and am liking the results!

I went back to my truck, which was parked in front of Fields, and decided to pop in and see if they had a whisk. No, but they were selling DVDs super cheap, so I picked up a few. Then, it was finally time to go to Kal Tire.

There, I sat with a book on my iPad while they quickly did the work on my truck. I was home by about 2:00 or so and went to deliver the cabbage, as well as have a cup of coffee and cuddle with C&C’s neighbour’s kitten, who looks just like my Tabitha. Their dog also made sure to get his own cuddles in!

Caroline might be going to Moose Jaw with me tomorrow. I hope so!

6 thoughts on “Ready to Roll

  1. 2nd try…
    Looks like things are coming together for you.
    Will El Nino be a factor for you this year? Haven’t watched tv but saw some articles online.
    Safe travels, as always.

    • Things are coming together. I should be heading for the Colorado border this time next week! 🙂

      I’m hearing two very different predictions for this winter: hotter and wetter than normal or hotter and drier than normal. We shall see…

  2. Love hearing about all your preparations. We fly down in a couple of weeks for just 2 weeks, but getting more antsy just reading about your trip. Have a fun drive.

  3. ‘a cabbage related emergency’. Only in small town Canada! 😉

    Funny how the proper grade of oil is so hard to find in Mexico and so expensive when you do find it. I always pack some with me as well along with an oil filter.

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