Book vs. Real World Spanish

I spent a good part of the day chatting via Whatapp with the real estate agent for the house I’m thinking of renting. Negotiations have started and I’m meeting her and the owners for a second walk-through on Monday. The texting experience is interesting. I experienced similar issues in Spain where there were times that […]

Free Manchester Walking Tour

Here are a couple of random bonus Amsterdam pics I forgot I took for my last Amsterdam post… These cute cars are all over the city. They can only go very slowly. I think they sound like a greater alternative to a scooter. A sign outside Salsa Shop: And part of Salsa Shop’s wall of […]

Recap of the Best Year of My Life

If I measure 2016 by the one yardstick that matters to me, how much I travelled, it was the best year of my life. That’s hard to reconcile with how horrible the year was to the world in general, but it’s my truth. This was a rare year of my life where there was enough money […]

Not Much Time Left

I can’t believe I’ll be in Málaga this time in just ten days! Between work assignments yesterday, I worked at sorting out the following: -How I’m getting to Málaga. By bus. The 5.5-hour bus ride was almost 16 euros (23CAD) less than the 3-hour ride, so I’m taking the scenic route there! -Accommodation in Málaga. […]