Out for a stroll to the vet and back home with a clean bill of health. ❤️🦊 #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #colorcoordinated


7 thoughts on “Out for a stroll to the vet and back home with a clean bill of health. ❤️🦊 #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #colorcoordinated

  1. Rae, just got to ask this–before you adopted Bonita, did someone chop off her tail?!! It hurts just asking you that question!

    • When B was first taken to the refuge all those years ago, she had an incredible amount of anxiety and would chew on her tail as a way of soothing herself. Unfortunately, this caused major damage and an infection so the decision was made to have her tail amputated as it was too damaged. It was done at a vet under anesthesia.

      • I now see it was a necessary surgery. For certain dog breeds, many dog breeders will modify the ears and tails of young dogs to achieve specific appearances for new owners. And, of course, the procedure and healing process cause pain for the young puppy; my personal opinion is that it is inhumane.

        • I’m with you on how inhumane it is! Unfortunately, it was a must with B. Remember that she was at the refuge all her life and they had 200+ dogs. They had to do the minimum to keep the dogs healthy, so amputation was the only option with the damage she had made.

  2. Just looking at the National Weather Report and see that Hurricane Michael is churning away in stationary position near the Yucatán; hope he has not made your environment too difficult for you. Predictions are that he will turn and move into the Gulf of Mexico and head into the panhandle of Florida as Category 1 hurricane. Then he will be downgraded to a tropical storm and move toward us in the Charleston, SC area. Just what we want, more water!

      • It’s great the Yucatán is not affected! Just saw a picture on the Weather Channel of Isla Mujeres off of Cancun, and it was so beautiful. The dark inky clouds of Michael as a backdrop to the emerald waters and white sand of the Isla. Beautiful, yet so dangerous. According to the news, Michael is now traveling between Cuba and the Yucatán and picking up wind speed.

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