One Thing to Be Said About Nogales…

Nogales is a very good transition point for coming into and out of Mexico. American stores and prices, Spanish language. I checked into the motel, bought lunch, and did my grocery shopping all in Spanish. I was greeted in Spanish in all three locales and my accent was not sufficient to get a switch to English. I know people who would have been quite put upon by this, but I’m not ready to go back to English, so this suited me just fine. It’s nice to know that even over here, my Spanish is good enough.

The grocery store was a bit of a shock in terms of the price of some things, especially dairy. I thought the baked goods were expensive, but 0.59USD for a croissant is about 9MXN, what I’d pay at Panamá’s. The produce was lackluster, like I found it to be at the supermarkets in Mexico, but there was more variety.  I spent about 8USD and didn’t find that it went that far, one bagel, one banana, one apple, and three protein packs (cubed cheese and ham with nuts), even though I would have been pleased with the haul back in November.

It’s 8PM Maz time right now and I’m fading fast, so I’m going to get to have a snack and get to bed so I can get up at a decent hour tomorrow and get some work done. I still don’t know where I’m going, but I’m too tired to do any research, so hopefully I’ll have an hour to do that in the morning.


6 thoughts on “One Thing to Be Said About Nogales…

  1. It is bloody cold up here in Eastern Ontario, too.

    We got home from Florida Friday after driving through a snow storm around the Syracuse/Watertown area. Winter ever ends!

    Good driving for the rest of the way to Canada!

  2. Hopefully you will find Spanish speaking people most of the way home. Most often it is the clerks in the stores. I am always amazed at how far North they are and even some here in Kelowna.

    • English sounds so foreign to me since I haven’t had to speak it much since y’all abandoned me on Isla. Been hearing it of course, but little of it has been coming out of my mouth. 😀

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