6 thoughts on “My first horchata! #mexicanfood

    • There’s not supposed to be any dairy in Mexican-style horchata. I had the same misconception, hence why I’ve never had it! Some folks do make it with milk for some reason, but it’s supposed to just be rice, water, spices, and ice.

  1. You haven’t had this before? I LOVE horchata, and it’s not hard to find here in Colorado. After all, the state is largely Hispanic, to begin with.

    Tastes like liquid rice pudding…or something better.

    Now, jamaica…I could go without that forever.

    • First time! I always thought it was a milk-based drink and with so many other options, I never got around to researching it. Your description of liquid rice pudding is so apt!

      LOL re jamaica. Sooo in agreement. It looks like cranberry juice and has about a tenth of the flavour.

      • Colin loves Jamaica, again it depends on how it is prepared. I will give your drink a try as long as there is no milk in it.

        What time of day did you have it? A thirst quencher or ???

        • Horchata is an “agua fresca,” so you have it all day and it is meant to be a thirst quencher. I just happened to have it with my tacos for dinner last night. It is sweet, but not too sweet. It’s made from soaking rice in water, straining out the rice, and then adding the spices. Look for it next time you’re at the mercado. I’m so mad that I didn’t investigate it’s lack-of-milkedness before hand!

          (I edited your commented and deleted your second one. 😉 )

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