Life on Levo

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Friday was my first day all week that I did not have anything to attend to related to the burglary. I also happened to be off. So I decided that after I got back from my early morning Pilates class, I would go into centro to pick up something and have lunch.

This would have been unheard of in my past life before I began taking levothyroxine for my thyroid issue. I would have energy to run one errand a day in this heat and my whole day would centre around keeping enough energy for the errand. So big workout in the morning? That’s the whole day shot. Not anymore!

So off I went to to my 9:15 Pilates class and had a pretty hard workout. I was home, showered, and dressed by 10:45. I hung out with B for a bit and started on a proofreading job (iPad work does not count as work).

Around noon, I called an Uber to take me to Between the Lines, Mérida’s English bookstore. A friend had recommended a book to me a few weeks ago and rather than order it on Amazon, I decided to see if BTL could get it for me so that I could support a local business. They could, and it came surprisingly fast. Of course, I couldn’t walk out with just one book!

Pita is just around the corner, so of course that was lunch, this spread a familiar sight to long-time readers as I’ve been eating there for now six years. Since this was essentially breakfast, I went with a limonade mineral rather than a beer. Funny moment of the day was when I slathered that really hot red sauce on the pita they bring as a starter and two servers yelled in English, “Ma’am, don’t eat that!” I did eat it, and it was delicious. 🙂 I now get through about half of the red sauce when I eat this meal, my tolerance to spicy foods continuing to grow.

After lunch, I decided to stroll the couple of blocks west to see if Pola gelateria was still open. Yes! They make excellent gelato and have some unusual combinations, like frijol con puerco (yes, pork and beans!). I went with “beso de luna,” (kiss of the moon) that was chocolate, coffee, almonds, and candied orange peel. So good!

I strolled a bit with my ice cream, but the touts were out in full force, so I meandered back to Calle 60, then walked north from Santa Lucia to Santa Ana, where I grabbed an Uber home. I knew this was probably the last day of the summer for such a stroll — comfortable temp and low humidity despite the beating sun.

Got in, continued to read for my client, and eventually fell asleep on the couch! I never do that, but I missed so many nights over last weekend that I’m not surprised! Went to sleep alone, and woke up like this. I love my old girl so much!

I fed Bonita at her normal hour and then puttered. She must have tried to get my attention to let me know she was still hungry, but I didn’t notice. So, being the excellent communicator she is, she parked herself like this in the entrance to the kitchen. After I had a laugh about it, I gave her an extra portion and then her dessert!

Portrait of a Hungry Dog

With such a full and active day, I was able to get to bed early and sleep pretty well, so I’m starting to feel like myself again after a very weird week. I’m off till Tuesday other than some PDF proofreading that, again, is not really work, so I’ll catch up on chores and start to plan the next renovation project!