Learning Geography the Hard Way

This morning, I went to the UPS site to check on the status of my iPad order. I was bewildered to learn that it was in Ontario, CA, but happy that it had cleared the border!

Then, I got an email update that my iPad was in Louisville, KY. Huh?!

Turns out that Ontario, CA means the town of Ontario, California, not the province of Ontario, Canada. Oops.

I can’t figure out what it’s doing in Louisville. If it could make it that far today, it could have made it to Lethbridge!

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  1. That happened to me this past week. My parents accidentally sent my Christmas package (Mmm cookies) to my old address, which was just one town over from where I am now. Fortunately I had my change of address form in, so after it was marked as undeliverable at the old address it made it’s way here. But it took 3 days, during which the package traveled from a mere 25 minutes away all the way down to Florida and back. Confusing.

  2. Oops, indeed. I’m wondering if someone confused CA with CN. I think CN is the two letter code for Canada. If so, it might be on it’s way back to Amazon instead of on its way to you. There’s an Amazon facility in Kentucky. I sure hope I’m wrong.

  3. Linda, there was no confusion except on my part for not remember that California has a town called Ontario. 🙂 UPS actually spells out the full name of the country if it’s not in the US.

    I do wonder if it did have to go to Amazon for some reason.

    The iPad started in Van Nuys, was driven to Ontario, put on a plane, sent to Louisville, put on another plane, sent to Sioux Falls, SD, and then put on another plane to Calgary where it is now being process through customs! I might have it on Monday!

  4. With the major couriers, all packages are routed through a handful of major distributions centres.

    I’ve watched a few documentaries on the logistics that go into it; the process is absolutely fascinating.

    • Tom, I know there are routes, but it never ceases to be frustrating to see a package leave Virginia, go to Chicago, stop for ages in Mississauga, then meander its way to Calgary and then finally land in Lethbridge. 😀

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