Knocking Out Projects

The printer is rather a pain in the arse item to drag along with me to Mexico, but it’s necessary for work that I do for one of my clients. Last year, I determined that it had to travel in the cab with me because dust and water gets into the truck bed, even with the canopy. Soon as I got it in the truck, I realised that it was taking a lot of precious cab space because I couldn’t really store anything on top of it, not even a bag of bedding. I thought that it might be nice to have a shelf over it, but was not in a position to build anything.

Even if my tools and materials hadn’t been scattered to the winds last year, I didn’t have a workshop or tools with which to easily knock out a project like this. Today, it took just 30 minutes, including the design and cleanup phases, to build this:


So now, the printer can sit behind the passenger seat and I can put a tote or my suitcase over it. I can store two totes on the driver’s side and in the middle, too, if I run out of space in the back. But I’m not bringing the cot for this trip, so I suspect that cab space won’t be as precious as it was last year. It’ll still be nice to know that I can toss things behind me and not risk damaging the printer!

I have to say that my once disgusting shed is quickly turning into my most favourite part of my property. I just love how bright it is in there and how fresh it smells, never mind that it is so full of potential!

4 thoughts on “Knocking Out Projects

  1. I stored my printer (I had to buy one to sign and scan some paperwork last year) between the seats in the cab of the motorhome. Sure enough I set something on top of it, probably a case of beer, and broke the glass in the scanner. It still works and the crack is hardly visible so I guess it will work for another year. Printers are handy to have along but take up a lot of space. I looked for something smaller but there really is nothing available.

  2. I probably should add that this is only when we are parked. I don’t normally have a case of beer between the seats when we are driving. Or a printer either. 🙂

  3. Brilliant!

    A few years ago I accidently crushed the RV printer while bringing in the slide. I forgot that we had it stored as the foot of the bed under the overhang 🙁

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