Electrical Good News?

I came home this evening to a voltage in the low 11s and a battery monitor that claimed I was at 98% capacity…

I had a theory. I shut off the fridge… and voltage leaped to 12.5. I repeated the exercise after being home for about an hour and running a light that long. Still 12.5.

So the culprit is the fridge. For some reason, it’s drawing a ton of voltage.

If I need power at night to do whatever, I can just shut down the fridge, wait a couple of minutes, and do whatever. I still need to figure out why the fridge is drawing that much voltage, and I’ll start by tracing the lines to and from it. But it seems that I really don’t have the huge problem I seemed to have on Wednesday and I have a good clue on where to start troubleshooting.

Thank you to everyone who has been hanging in there with me and trying to help me resolve this issue. I’m getting close! 😀