Differences in Extremes

I finally decided to brave the weather around noon and headed out to do my flier routes. I bundled up with fleece, a heavy coat, gloves, a scarf, and a tuque, only to shed everything but my fleece by the time I’d loaded two packages of fliers into the car!

Being paid to be outside this afternoon almost felt like a privilege; it was so warm and sunny, with no hint of that unpleasant Lethbridge wind. I did my first two routes in record time, had a snack, did two more routes, then headed home for a lunch break. I took that half hour to fill the fresh water tank, then I went back to work.

The last two routes were tough; I was fading fast and past the point of exhaustion by the time I got halfway through the sixth route. But I got them done, including bringing the extras to recycling. Not counting my lunch break, the six routes took me five and a quarter hours to do. If I take off the car loading and recycling depot then they took me five hours. I don’t think I’ll be able to improve on that!