August 2023 Highlights

(It’s January 2024 and I’m backdating a post for each month that I have not blogged. Please scroll down to see the new posts starting with the July 2023 highlights)

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August was the month of Barbenheimer! I’m mad I wore this dress to see Barbie rather than my pink gingham similar to the one she wears in the movie. 😆 I saw the movies on back-to-back days, so that was a fun weekend!

I don’t usually get popcorn, but I did to see Barbie. This is cheese-flavoured popcorn with cheese Ruffles mixed in. Mexican junk food is amazing!

I usually get my movie ribs at Chili’s, where I always get a giant margarita!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram probably remember how my front door lock broke in August. I just love how everything here runs on Whatsapp so efficiently. I found a local locksmith through Google, Whatsapped him my photo, promptly received a diagnostic that I needed to replace the mechanism along with a very reasonable quote, and not even 30 minutes later, he was leaving my house, the job done!

Another service I love is Uber Flash, for getting packages across town without you. I’ve done shopping on days where my cleaning fairy is here and sent the shopping home in its own Uber for her to put in the fridge while I went on to another store. In August, I wanted to buy this dish from an online seller across town. Since the value was so low, he was comfortable calling it an Uber and I was comfortable transferring him the money from my bank account. We would not have made the transaction if I had to pick up or he had to deliver.

My girls in August:

My big virtual challenge for 2024 was to walk from the southern to northern tip of mainland Great Britain, Lands End in Cornwall to John O’ Groats in Scotland (where I was last in July of 1998!). In August, I was halfway there, in Yorkshire, where I spent the early months of 2016. At time of writing, early January, I’m 96% of the way there with only 56KM to go! I started in March and am therefore going to complete the journey two months ahead of schedule.

I’m afraid September won’t be much more exciting as house closing plans began to ramp up in August and I was extra focussed on making as much money as I could to put towards closing fees now that I had a better idea of what those would be.