6 thoughts on “A Mexican friend gifted me this beautiful molcajete! 😭 Curing it to be able to make salsa is a labourious process πŸ’ͺ🏼, but it will be so worth it in the end. πŸ˜‹ #molcajete #mexicancuisine #cocinamexicana #mortarandpestle

  1. Interesting,how do you cure it?

    How is new kitty doing,he looked a little wild eyed in the picture you posted

    • You soak it for about 12 hours, then you grind white rice and salt into it as many times as it takes to not have any more pulverised rock in the mixture. It’s quite a workout!

      Thanks for asking about Sombra! She is still quite feral and won’t let me come too close, although she will “boop” my finger with her nose, which shows progress in our relationship. She’s made camp in my guest bathroom, but I’m now letting her roam as she has demonstrated that she knows to come back to me at meal times. I know she’s getting out (and outside) at night, just from subtle clues she leaves, but during the day, she hides from B and me. Poco a poco!

        • Further progress is that I now let her roam and she has figured out how to open the screen door so she can go explore outside… but she is always back by her food bowl in the morning!

  2. One thing about Mexican street cats and dogs if they are getting food they will return! MSD β€˜s are most grateful creatures and cats are cats but will get comfortable with the comforts somewhere along the way.

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