I didn’t have any work today, but I chose not to go out to give puppy my full attention. The weather was beautiful and she accepted a long walk, though, so we got some fresh air, in addition to playing a bit in the garden.

This is an enormous responsibility I took on, essentially taking care of a baby during three weeks of her most formative months. It’s not a job I took on a whim and I’m treating it extremely seriously. I want to make sure I’m as consistent as I can be with her routine while using plenty of positive reinforcement in her continued training so that there are no setbacks when her parents get home.

She’s very intelligent and extremely affectionate, always up for a cuddle (guess where she is right now). I feel privileged to have a chance to play a small role in raising her.

Work has come in for the next couple of days, but I should have time to get out to the museum at some point while Puppy has her afternoon nap. I’m rather jealous of how much sleep she gets. 😀